Daily Archives: March 11, 2010

out of the corner of my eye

On my way to Ames this morning, I turned to head south and out of the corner of my eye I noticed something I had not seen before (and it would turn out I just didn’t remember seeing it):

a cornfield.  It’s been covered in snow for so long that I forgot that was what it was.  I had a double-take moment and actually had empathy for folks who look at Karen and I like that because we look alike.  Crazy.

And then, as I was driving from Ames after discipling this morning, similarly something caught my eye alongside the Interstate:


It was odd to my eyes.  My brothers, this should not be :).  The snow is melting a lot, but wow.  You know you’re pathetic when the grass looks foreign and it’s March 11th already.

Dinner time…and baking.  I’m thinking I might try a MIllionaire’s Shortbread Bars recipe (I had a Millionaire’s Shortbread trifle in Cornwall with V once that was to die for…wow).  Peace, y’all.


I left Iowa for Cornwall, England a year ago today.  I think about how much I was required to grow on that day and through the 11 weeks of my stay and I wonder how long some of that would have taken to do apart from such a trip.

Last night I looked at a photo album I compiled (in a horrendously sporadic order, but I’ve already penciled in captions, so I hate to move them around) and concluded that when it is spring I will always think of Cornwall.  The spring there is lovely, lots of vibrant green and bright colored flowers, the smell of the sea air and the gorgeous gardens.  Even the rainy/misty days (which there were plenty of, though not until I had been there for 3 weeks or so, which amazed my hosts) were pleasant.  You’d have to scrape a slug off the side of your milk carton in the morning (the milk was delivered), but it was a lot warmer, so the rain wasn’t so bad.

I might bake some scones (towering scones, naturally) tonight after work.  Or shortbread.  I have one package left of my Fox Creme biscuits (which were “best by” June 2009, sadly), so I might bust those out with some Tetley and remember coming to Penair from the train station for an adorable setting of tea and biscuits, my first food in the country and first meal since the plane trip.

Not much else to write.  Just a bit nostalgic.  Have a good Thursday!