out of the corner of my eye

On my way to Ames this morning, I turned to head south and out of the corner of my eye I noticed something I had not seen before (and it would turn out I just didn’t remember seeing it):

a cornfield.  It’s been covered in snow for so long that I forgot that was what it was.  I had a double-take moment and actually had empathy for folks who look at Karen and I like that because we look alike.  Crazy.

And then, as I was driving from Ames after discipling this morning, similarly something caught my eye alongside the Interstate:


It was odd to my eyes.  My brothers, this should not be :).  The snow is melting a lot, but wow.  You know you’re pathetic when the grass looks foreign and it’s March 11th already.

Dinner time…and baking.  I’m thinking I might try a MIllionaire’s Shortbread Bars recipe (I had a Millionaire’s Shortbread trifle in Cornwall with V once that was to die for…wow).  Peace, y’all.

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