The first day of spring is this Saturday, but you could have fooled me this afternoon.  This was the best day of winter that we’ve had so far!!  It was apparently close to 60 degrees today, so my gal pals from church and I bought some chalk and went at it in a local park.

gabby's artwork with some shadow fun.

this got cut off a bit.

It was so nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine.  There were tennis courts nearby which made me totally nostalgic for tennis in high school (even though I also remember kind of dreading the occupation of my after-school time with practices…not to say it wasn’t fun, but it was a shift).

This weekend was such a refreshing one (and an extended one) with the addition of a much loved sister, some sweet family time and fellowship with awesome friends.  That’s where the inhale title comes from.  But as I was getting going this morning, I cringed to realize that when I am inhaling like this, when things are sunny and good (even though it was rather misty and cold to start out the day), I’m not always quick to breathe in God’s goodness and exhale praise and thanksgiving.  Chalk that up (ha, oops) to my false perception of self-reliance or even the mixed up schedule/routine that I have been enjoying while staying at my dad’s house, but the excuses don’t really cover it.

So may I encourage you to breathe out Praise of His Name as often as you breathe in His goodness?  That’s my task for the night/week/month/forever…

As a side note, I’m looking forward to a quiet WEDNESDAY night at home.  I had a couple because of snow and Christmas break, but still.  It’s a rare occasion to be delighted in and treasured.  There’s always homework, I suppose…but it is what it is!! 😀

I hope you got outside tonight.  Maybe I’ll squeeze in a walk around [hopefully not soggy] camp tonight, too.  Ye-ah!

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