Monthly Archives: April 2010

Show Me Your Grill

It’s my last night of PowerLife for the year, save for the upcoming Confirmation day this weekend.  I’ve had a total blast with student ministry this year, and will be hardcore missing the students I’ve come to know.  We have 33 students on my most recent list.

Tonight we’re having a celebratory cookout at a local recreation area.  We’re grilling, and hopefully there will be plenty of smiles (grills) to remember such a fond year with.  How do you say goodbye?

I’ll close with the following picture:

sometimes the next step feels more like falling off the steps.


It’s been just over a month since I last wrote…and life has been full and rich since then.  I’m honestly a little too lazy to update you on everything, but have enjoyed the beginning of a relationship with a handsome fellow, have found fall employment as a sub teacher, and have spent as much time outside as possible.

Today has been atypical for a day off.  I’d hoped to get some homework and cleaning done, maybe play a little tennis, and do some errands.  Instead I slept in late, made potato bread, embroidered dish towels (just 2), cleaned/laundered stuff, and am now rotting on the Internet and not looking forward to a soggy walk home in flip-flops.

That concludes my update.  I think I’m going to see about that walk home before Zumba…