Daily Archives: August 27, 2010

I love coffee so much, I take it to go…with AND on me.

I had to be in early this morning and was successful in drinking an entire cup of coffee before hitting the road, taking the second cup from my french press in a trusty travel mug.

When I arrived at my destination, I went straight to the staff lounge to put away much lunch and use the restroom…I put my stuff down mindlessly, because I was feeling pretty “on top” of my game this morning.  Then I heard in slow motion the sound of my travel mug toppling.

It fell, hitting the table it had barely rested on with pretty decent force…and then the splash was audible as it hit me and the floor.  Whoops.

The time sequence returned to normal speed and I went ahead and moved my precious bags of papers (you know…not waterproof) and took care of my restrooming before tackling the mess and assessing the damage.  As I was mopping up the floor and table a maintenance guy came in and changed a light.

Looks like you had some spillage.

Um, yeah.  It went everywhere.

(silence…except for the crazy stream of consciousness in my own head…).

Folks, one of the first thoughts that went through my head was:  hey!  It’s a humility lesson!  It gave me a pretty good perspective check early in the day, too, so that was a bonus.

Anyway, I didn’t have time to get the sopping coffee spots out of the knees of my pants, so I went ahead and taught my first class and hit WalMart before the rest of the day got underway.  I settled on an outfit crafted out of a shirt i was already wearing and the most coordinating I could handle on a reluctant purchase.

The best part:  a few of my students complimented how pretty I was, especially calling attention to my skirt and shoes.

Well, thanks.  They’re new.