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When you donate blood, they test a bit first to see if your blood has a good enough iron count.

I was well in the range of acceptable today, so that’s all well and good.

I attempted to replenish the lost iron in one sitting with the most pork I have possibly ever consumed in one sitting.  It was a deliciously marinated pork loin.  And a perfect baked potato.  I pretty much have it made (and it was sitting ready for me when I got home).  Anyway, big kudos to my dad for the best meat and potato around!!

I’ve been wearing jeans all week at work.  Can I just say it feels weird to wear jeans every day to work when you haven’t done that since camp (though jeans were kind of a step up from the gym shorts I liked wearing…)?  I just did.

New:  I love toddlers.  They walk, they think, they’re sort of independent.  They don’t talk much.  They still cuddle.

Old:  Knitting projects remain unknitted.  Maybe I should change the name of this blog…it doesn’t have much to do with knitting or clarinet any more.

New:  I’m looking at houses in I-town tomorrow after school.  Pray that I would have wisdom in the decision process (it’s been a long one so far).

Old:  At least it’s getting old…having perpetual hoarseness in my throat.  I occasionally have to ask the students (who are usually to be echoing me) not to echo the frog in my throat.  At least it’s a bit of light humor amid the hard work…

bed time because laundry is outta the dryer.  PEACE to you!

i wanna be in the light

It’s not posted yet, but you HAVE to listen to the sermon about 1 John 1:5-10 from Cornerstone (troy nesbitt) this weekend.  Here’s the RSS link

It’s cold and rainy today, and I can’t get the word melancholy out of my head.  My life is particularly blessed at the present, so it doesn’t refer to circumstances so much as the hypothetical.  The more I become a part of a church body in Ames, the more gaping the hole when I move.  I know that in this line of thinking I neglect to remember that God’s presence is not limited to a church in Ames, Iowa (and I forget about the similar feelings I had when I left Iowa City’s Parkview Church after finishing courses there).  Nor is his provision of community and teaching for my life limited to this season.

But that’s a weak consolation today.  Maybe because starting over is exhausting.

Or maybe it’s another example of how small my vision for God’s work and His love and relationship for me.  It’s the sin of worry in another hue.  Instead of fretting about the general future (the move yet to make and the stress of a new year of teaching, etc), I am hanging onto the current way of life and its favorable circumstances.  Though this church is a standard-setter in my mind, it’s not supposed to become a crutch.  Don’t get me wrong–my faith isn’t contingent on an institution…but I don’t want to leave, either.

It’s time for some warming up.  Tea or something.  Have a great Sunday!

brick house

I had a first year teaching mentoring class tonight and it was pointed out that first year teachers don’t make a lot of time for life outside of school.  I don’t know about that, but I would say it rings true for the house hunt.

I’m all systems go for finding a humble abode in I-town…minus finding the time to find one.  I guess that’s what realtors are for, right?

I have been toying around with the possibility of a real house…a “single family house”, in fact.  Mowing.  Shoveling.  Maintaining.  (ugh, right?).  Privacy.  Re-sale-ability.  A yard.  Character.  A basement (which, in a town that flooded a bit this summer, is not necessarily so good).  Real kitchens.  Dining rooms.  Sigh.

The trouble is, it’s late at night with an early morning to follow and I am able to look at (when Internet is cooperative…good tonight so far) vague write-ups and minimal pictures for lots of places.   I want to be able to drop in and take a look around and see the trouble spots and the lovely parts without wading through scheduling appointments (both for the owner and for myself)…but such is not the way of adult transactions.

In other news, Matt Chandler of The Village has been gracing my iPod as of late.  Splendor.

I missed my turn to Highway 69 from 65 this morning.  I blame lack of coffee and said splendorous podcast. 🙂  I went a mile out of my way and turned around.  Okay, 2 miles if you count the coming back. 🙂

Had my first coffee at Uncommon grounds too (Hopefully they’ll nix the Sumatra next time I go…blech).  Not bad for a Sumatra.

Much love, and Colossians 4:2-6.  Go read it.

three. simple. words.




(ok, CD).

I love to read, and a trip to the library last night concluded with the consumption of a pretty trivial novel in one relaxing sit-down.  I popped in a CD for a different book this morning in my car and it made the drive SO enjoyable.  I think I enjoy having my carpooling friend more, but we’re a story-telling people, so it’s pretty sweet.

Podcasts are similar (though my drive is not quite long enough for 2 usually…so they get interrupted), but I downloaded the new iTunes 10.  BIG mistake.  It is uncharacteristically dinosaur in speed and makes downloading podcasts, uploading CDs, doing ANYTHING in iTunes long and horrible.  Thanks much, Apple.

Top it all off with some really sweet cuddle and play time with “younger” toddlers at D6.  Ok, they’re a little too independent to want a lot of cuddling, but so tender and curious.  Not a lot of squabbling or fighting.  LOVE it.

Now I need to think through tomorrow…but at least it’s Thursday!