Daily Archives: September 9, 2010

three. simple. words.




(ok, CD).

I love to read, and a trip to the library last night concluded with the consumption of a pretty trivial novel in one relaxing sit-down.  I popped in a CD for a different book this morning in my car and it made the drive SO enjoyable.  I think I enjoy having my carpooling friend more, but we’re a story-telling people, so it’s pretty sweet.

Podcasts are similar (though my drive is not quite long enough for 2 usually…so they get interrupted), but I downloaded the new iTunes 10.  BIG mistake.  It is uncharacteristically dinosaur in speed and makes downloading podcasts, uploading CDs, doing ANYTHING in iTunes long and horrible.  Thanks much, Apple.

Top it all off with some really sweet cuddle and play time with “younger” toddlers at D6.  Ok, they’re a little too independent to want a lot of cuddling, but so tender and curious.  Not a lot of squabbling or fighting.  LOVE it.

Now I need to think through tomorrow…but at least it’s Thursday!