Daily Archives: September 19, 2010

i wanna be in the light

It’s not posted yet, but you HAVE to listen to the sermon about 1 John 1:5-10 from Cornerstone (troy nesbitt) this weekend.  Here’s the RSS link

It’s cold and rainy today, and I can’t get the word melancholy out of my head.  My life is particularly blessed at the present, so it doesn’t refer to circumstances so much as the hypothetical.  The more I become a part of a church body in Ames, the more gaping the hole when I move.  I know that in this line of thinking I neglect to remember that God’s presence is not limited to a church in Ames, Iowa (and I forget about the similar feelings I had when I left Iowa City’s Parkview Church after finishing courses there).  Nor is his provision of community and teaching for my life limited to this season.

But that’s a weak consolation today.  Maybe because starting over is exhausting.

Or maybe it’s another example of how small my vision for God’s work and His love and relationship for me.  It’s the sin of worry in another hue.  Instead of fretting about the general future (the move yet to make and the stress of a new year of teaching, etc), I am hanging onto the current way of life and its favorable circumstances.  Though this church is a standard-setter in my mind, it’s not supposed to become a crutch.  Don’t get me wrong–my faith isn’t contingent on an institution…but I don’t want to leave, either.

It’s time for some warming up.  Tea or something.  Have a great Sunday!