Daily Archives: September 24, 2010


When you donate blood, they test a bit first to see if your blood has a good enough iron count.

I was well in the range of acceptable today, so that’s all well and good.

I attempted to replenish the lost iron in one sitting with the most pork I have possibly ever consumed in one sitting.  It was a deliciously marinated pork loin.  And a perfect baked potato.  I pretty much have it made (and it was sitting ready for me when I got home).  Anyway, big kudos to my dad for the best meat and potato around!!

I’ve been wearing jeans all week at work.  Can I just say it feels weird to wear jeans every day to work when you haven’t done that since camp (though jeans were kind of a step up from the gym shorts I liked wearing…)?  I just did.

New:  I love toddlers.  They walk, they think, they’re sort of independent.  They don’t talk much.  They still cuddle.

Old:  Knitting projects remain unknitted.  Maybe I should change the name of this blog…it doesn’t have much to do with knitting or clarinet any more.

New:  I’m looking at houses in I-town tomorrow after school.  Pray that I would have wisdom in the decision process (it’s been a long one so far).

Old:  At least it’s getting old…having perpetual hoarseness in my throat.  I occasionally have to ask the students (who are usually to be echoing me) not to echo the frog in my throat.  At least it’s a bit of light humor amid the hard work…

bed time because laundry is outta the dryer.  PEACE to you!