Never before

I’m not going to attempt to shock you with information that I, not a runner, now love running, but in case you’ve ever thought running was an ideal concept with impractical realities (like PAIN), you might check out Couch 2 5K, found here (and my favorite, as a podcast series on iTunes):

I’m nowhere near a 5K (and I’m not even sure I’ll sign up for one when I do get there), but the gradual build up of sustained running, as well as permission to slow down to a walking pace has helped me to get past some feelings of self-consciousness that I’ve had in past running “sprees”.

The weather here is just right for it…for now.  I figure I’ve got another month and some to keep working on this before I’m confined to a building (but I don’t have a treadmill or anticipate joining a club to have access to a treadmill, so I might just end up starting over in the springtime).

And can I say that going to bed at 9:00 does wonders for morning productivity?  By 6:00 a.m. I’ve already had 9 hours of sleep and I’m ready and rarin’ to go!

Peace to you,



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