suh-weet [potato…garlic…radishes!]

Our connection group had a service project today and it was really an awesome time.  Besides the obvious advantages of fellowship-based work (i.e. conversation galore), we got to use our hands and muscles on a community farm north of Ames that is super cool.  I thought it was particularly fun to talk with the two volunteers who spend a lot of time there (even living on the farm) who led us in our activities for the day.


My task was using a hoe to incorporate cover crop into harvested/cleared soil.  When it rains, the rye and oats we scattered and mixed into the soil will germinate and keep the soil where it is for the winter/spring.  Yay!


In this day and age, and in my ignorance, I am awestruck at the feat of farming.  It was a really worshipful experience, knowing that God not only invented these vegetables (although harvest is over, every variety of plant was kicking out a couple last fruits…we found some carrots, sweet potatoes, and even a watermelon), but He equipped humans with the skills and minds to make the most of farming practices.  When I consider how much I don’t know about this world and what’s under human dominion, I am even more humbled by the amount of knowledge I lack in comparison to God’s infinite wisdom.


When it was time to go, they gifted us with garlic (!), sweet potatoes (I didn’t take any…wasn’t sure what I would do with them, and everyone else was pretty excited…granted, I know they’re super healthy and delicious!), and radishes for my dad.  I pulled the radishes out of the ground, folks.  That’s hard core for this girl…I’ve seen dirty radishes at farmer’s markets before, but I’ve never seen them poking out of the dirt.  Suh-weet!


When I got home, besides being tired from my handiwork with the hoe, I didn’t feel too good.  Finally, 2.5 hours later I’m doing a bit better…but yeesh.  It makes me think a lot longer and harder about what I will do (and what time is potentially lost) if I’m sick for a day of school…there are programs to prepare for, make-up tests to give, musical fun to be had!


In other news, I got to sub in the PK room at church this morning.  I love it.  I love the kiddos.  I love my kiddos at school too.  I am a kid person…but perhaps moreso a people person, and kids are most assuredly people with valuable lessons to teach.


I’m looking to move to Indianola the first weekend of November.  What a bittersweet date; sweet because it’s certainty, it’s gained time in my days (well, I can choose to spend 2 hours thinking and listening to sermons, but I can write things down at the same time).  Bitter because I love living at home and I love my church.  I again reiterate that I know God is good, good, good to me and that He is in Indianola and will provide in community and fellowship as He has for me in Ames.  Sure, it’ll be a different bunch of people and a different setting, but the Kingdom expands and extends beyond my small perception.


Much love, and here’s to a happy week!


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