from the desk of…

I remember the first conversation I had about having a desk in my room.  We’d just gone to an open house in or near Madison (this was eons ago) that had desks built into the matching kids’ bedrooms.  For some reason we weren’t going to move into the house, but the desks had my sister and I captivated.  In the car on the way home I remember talking about desks and being told there was one I could have in my room (and one for my sister too).

I imagined it to be just like the house’s built-in desks with nice big drawers and smooth, white, 1990s finish.  It ended up being a desk my grandfather had put together back in the day that was in the middle of a refinishing effort (suspended for  a number of years).  I loved it, though.  I sat down and wrote stories and organized my drawer (it only had one) and it was magic.  My sister and I, through the years continued to love our desks, playing library and banker and other desk-occupations, filling out credit card applications (not actually trying to get cards, but loving the act of filling out forms on a desk, writing tiny letters and numbers in tiny boxes).

Moving into my school desk had similar charm, as it was still full of supplies and knick-knacks from the previous teacher.  But it wasn’t magic, like that first one.

Yesterday I was asked if I’d like a bigger desk (apparently my school desk is small).  I said I’d look, and when I did I found a nearly new large desk with drawers that hold hanging file folders (mine does not) on BOTH sides, not just one.  It also isn’t caved in with peeling fake wood strips on the side.  And the kicker:


supplies. inside.


A teacher retired at the end of last school year and left some supplies in the desk which I love (and have already spent some of my budget on…but hopefully the plethora will last even longer and save more funds for future supplies!).  There is a roll of magnet tape (THE BEST INVENTION EVER), student awards, wet-erase markers (sadly I believe I have one of the last overhead projectors in the school, so I still need and use these pens), pins, binder clips.  You name it.


As I’m preparing to move to I-town in three weeks, I have the potential to make some more free discoveries and tough decisions in our basement…but it’s a good feeling.

Peace out, home slices!  It’s off to do some weekendy stuff!

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