23 or 24

I’m in week six of couch to 5k and a strange turn of events actually has me running less than my highest-ever-without-stopping (that I know of) last week of 20 minutes.  However useful for training purposes, my 18 combined minutes of running plus 16 minutes of walking were not sufficient for completing a loop.  I’m a novice at judging timing and distance so I often end up walking quite a bit at the end.  Which is fine if it’s in the morning on a weekend or early on a weekday afternoon, but on a night when dinner still needs to happen (among other things, some of which are currently being pushed off in favor of updating the blog), you don’t want to finish your run 2 miles away from home.


So tonight in my naivety I ended up at the wrong juncture…I’d turned West instead of East in Somerset (a neat neighborhood in north Ames that has a bunch of apartments and townhomes that resemble each other; I can’t imagine describing directions to people if I lived there) and was way out of the way.  So I added some more running to my run to shorten the time.


And you know what?


I was fine.  I was tired, but not dead.  God is using this running to teach me about limits.  I’ve said it before, but even in listening to the podcast in my earbuds, I am happy to run a limited amount and stop.  Tonight I realized the weakness of the mind (and the strength of the body).  It’s a sweet lesson in the midst of a kind of overwhelming 2-3 weeks coming up.  Overwhelming at work, yes, and at “home” (which is coincidentally changing at the living space and church level).  Like any human I detest dislike change, but I understand that it is necessary and the uncertainty that it involves will not remain uncertain forever (I might even find that I like the arrangement there!!).


And so to some QT and a long, full rest of the week.  Happy Monday night!


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