Goodnight, Ames.

I am often tempted to start paragraphs with “granted”.  I nearly did again here…but I didn’t.  You can be glad that I started with “I” instead.

Tomorrow is my moving day; I’m headed to Indianola to live and work in the same community.  The paperwork is done, the gas and electricity are in my name, I even have trash bags and paper plates (for my movers’ lunch).  I could sing the song I’ve been singing about having to start over and all that, but I will spare you.  I’m going to miss a lot here, I’m thankful to God for his blessing of so many relationships in the past year and some months.

But you know what moving does to you?  It makes you look at your stuff pretty carefully.  I was asked to look through some of my older boxes of stuff and start making decisions…understandably.  My apartment doesn’t have storage like a parent’s basement, but all this stuff is going to follow me around.  I have too much stuff.  I found some of my childhood decorations, and am wondering if you find yourself in the same spot as I am in; it’s junk, but has sentimental value.  I don’t want to display little trinket boxes, I’m not sure what to do with my meticulous notes from college classes (whoa, I had great handwriting!).  I want to get rid of it, know that I don’t need it, will likely not get around to reading most of those things again, but ugh.  I can’t pitch it yet.

And all of the savvy decorations in magazines or websites for reducing clutter leave out the owner’s stuff…you know, the clay fish they made in kindergarten with primary color glaze that doesn’t go with the muted tones of the decor.   Fear not, though…my dad’s keeping my clay fish. 🙂

Today would have been a good day for a run, but I was a little too busy with packing stuff.  I started a workout video a little bit this afternoon and it was good…kind of hard, but good.  Hopefully I can make it work without disrupting neighbors below me in the apartment.


I’ll be back in Ames again, no doubt, but I am very grateful for the time here and the folks who have decided to come help me tomorrow.  It means very much!

Goodnight, Ames.

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