Daily Archives: November 11, 2010


I admit it’s been a little difficult to be without Internet at home lately.  I think of it every now and then when I’d like to look up something (a recipe, a picture, a weather forecast) or when I’d like to take time to write on this or even check facebook (it’s been since Friday of last week!) to follow up with notifications I get.  But I’m finding a lot more time to be.  And it’s glorious.

And take out the driving, and I’ve got time to talk on the phone, to cook, to knit, to keep up with cleaning.  Even sleep.  Grocery shopping doesn’t cut too far into my free time in a night.  It’s great!

I definitely miss the people in Ames, the things I got used to doing there, and the church I was part of, but I think the transition is going well.

Now I’m off to scrounge up a program-worthy outfit for tonight’s program.  Nothing like last minute, right?  Peace to you,