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A sure sign that social media has affected me adversly is in the way it has conformed my train of thought into status updates.  I contemplated some really meaningless “updates” for various medium, and I am ashamed even now to admit my self-centeredness extends to blogging.

Perhaps you’ve noticed it…whether by me or by other bloggers/updaters/tweeters/etc.  There’s a bit too much information shared…something intended for a smaller audience exposed to the wider expanse of the Internet for the discretion of other consumers to use or ignore.

As I examine my openness online (and my hope to find that openness somewhat limited), I wonder what about this media lends boldness or confidence, and why that particular confidence extends to such frivolous topics as an oncoming cold, sleeping in late, or other things of little significance.

Don’t misunderstand me…I enjoy keeping up with friends through their status updates (which prompt me to look at their pictures or blogs or other posted links), but the bulk of updates on my facebook newsfeed (just as one example) are comprised of updates from people I barely know.  Which means they see mine.  I could control this by shortening my friend list or by stopping the updates…or both, but that doesn’t really get down to the heart of why and how I started all of that anyway.

There’s a self-importance linked with these updates (and even blog posts…as I’m reading this, I am wondering a bit what point I am trying to make and am finding that I’m aiming for a profound statement about it more than anything else).  The trouble with electronic media is that there isn’t any content editing required to publish stuff.

Perhaps this tendency of mine to over-share and over-publish minute details will shape my blogging in the upcoming year.

As a side note, and a re-share for about the third time, I’m going to point to a link for a scripture memory thing K told me about that I’m going to shoot for.  I need accountability like no other–I fall off horses without it.  Though I’m not hoping that this blog will serve to be a bit of accountability (like Beth Moore in her blog post…), perhaps by making it public (ha…thanks to all six of you who count as my public) that I’m memorizing Philippians I’ll be motivated to keep up that discipline.

I’m assuredly an old woman–I’m tired at 9:00. 🙂  I hope you find encouragement in the Scriptures this week.

Snow place like a music room.

One semester has concluded.  I am home, the proud sleeper-inner of an impressive 8:27 a.m. time with nowhere to go while we celebrate a familial Christmas.  There is incredible snowfall at the moment (which brings me joy, as we have not had one snowday yet…all of the snow has fallen in true-central Iowa, not southern Iowa where Indianola actually is…but don’t tell them that :)…they’re convinced it’s central Iowa)…so we’ve got some shoveling to look forward to before venturing out to a Christmas Eve service (whether Mass or Cornerstone, I am not sure yet).

Lately I’ve been a little morose about church searching.  My drive back to Ames yesterday included driving past Cornerstone, and when I think of the beautiful spot I was in last year at this time (driving through Ames frequently, being with great people and being fed consistently) I get a little sad.  For some reason community came so quickly for me during my stay in SC/Ames.  It’s more difficult when you live in a small town, I’ve gathered.  Granted, Indianola has 2 grocery stores, a WalMart and 4 (count’em) Casey’s, but it’s small.  Everyone seems to have grown up there and stayed.  I’m sure that’s not wholly true, but it’s hard to break in.  My family probably went through the same thing when we moved to Huxley…except K and I had the advantage of being sort of young, so we fell more into the category of “growing up” there.  I have hope that there’s a church out there waiting for me, but it’s going to take more time and patience to find.

I’ve got to get some energy up for Christmas goodies.  Karen’s been the achiever of the season.  I’m perfectly willing to eat them, but have so far only made fudge…on Tuesday night.

That’s all for now.  The subject line was happily written on the back of a 5th grader’s test (with a picture and a note requesting a copy be made of her test so she could have it back and I could keep the picture…so sweet).  I made a copy and put it on proud display on the bulletin board by my desk.  I think she’s not unlike myself…tying some wit into greetings. 🙂

Merry Christmas!  I hope there are many things that bring you to worship the King this year, but especially in the next few days.

fa la la la la

Deck the halls walls

I decked the walls of my apartment this weekend with picture frames.  Oh what fun, too.  I put fabric in the frames in coordinating shades of green, red, yellow, and brown.  I felt rather Trading Spaces, except I wasn’t actually trading anyone.  Go figure.  My computer doesn’t have an SD card reader at school, so you’ll have to be patient until I put it on a USB (temporarily mia) or gain Internet access at my apartment.  Soon and very soon.

I got a letter in my school mailbox supposedly from Jesus.  I was a little skeptical about his choice of font for his Christmas letter :).  But in all seriousness it was a well-intended “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” message that was meant to inspire some basic Biblical living (like being kind, loving, and compassionate) in a commercialized season.  I was tracking along, wondering who planted the letter in my box (and did everybody get one?) until the 10th point of “Jesus’ Christmas wish list”…

Finally, if you want to make a statement about your belief in and loyalty to Me, then behave like a Christian.  Don’t do things in secret that you wouldn’t do in My presence.  Let people know by your actions that you are one of mine.

I don’t intend to rip on the well-meaning actual author of this note (and for all I know it’s a sentimental forward that someone copied and pasted onto letterhead from their inbox), but religious vocab hang-ups stuck out to me like crazy.  Behave like a Christian.  Christians fail…they sin, they goof up.  Their standard is weak compared to His.  So let’s not take advice from “Jesus” to behave like Christians because I’m pretty sure he’d suggest instead that we behave like Him.  Don’t do things in secret that You wouldn’t do in My presence.  This neglects the presence of Jesus with us being unchanging, by His Spirit.  Which is a really sweet, and tragically neglected aspect of the relationship we have with Him.  Our sin, whether we conceive it to be secret or not is committed in His presence.  Which is why it stinks even more, because we aren’t fooling him that we’re taking his grace for granted when we sin…we’re just trying to fool ourselves.  If you want to make a statement… this definitely could have included some words on actually making a statement.  I listened to a sermon about Colossians from Matt Chandler which criticized the adage about sharing the gospel, using words if necessary.  Words are kind of necessary…otherwise you might just be an abnormally kind person who goes out of their way to meet needs…instead of someone whose life has been radically changed by a Creator who cares enough to know and save them.  I’m starting to get a feeling for not wasting opportunities to use words to accompany actions.  Yes, we must walk as Christ did, but he walked and talked (and His active, living word is available to us!).

Besides that I can’t recall why I actually wanted to post.  Totally slipped my mind.  Bummer, dude.  I’ll scrach my head and think about it…


break down

I broke down and ordered Internet to begin service before the end of the year.  I’ve enjoyed the time without (made me realize how connected I’ve been to online things) and think I’ll be more careful to protect that time.

Reasons that spurred me on to saying yes…
1.  Communicating with family and friends.  I’ve been on the phone a lot lately, which is good…but quick notes or pictures aren’t quick when it involves going to the Library (or a hot spot?) and transferring them from a thumb drive.
2.  Managing accounts.  Bill paying online is the way to go (for me), but I don’t want to do it in a public place.
3.  Recipes, maps, and quick information (weather, closings, service times).  Can I just add my phone book, a honking big Des Moines Metro edition has not ONE map in it?  Lame.
4.  Podcasts/music.  I’ve not been updating podcasts, and though the old ones are still good, I’m less likely to listen to them (and in this transition time of finding a church, I appreciate having some solid feeding from the Word).

I suppose this turns into a list of what I really like, love, and appreciate about electronic media.  I hate how easy it is to become distracted by it (youtube, facebook, even blogs…), but hope to learn the finesse of being present daily despite the Internet’s allure.

Hope you get enough of a taste of winter weather to suit you (whether lots or none…).