break down

I broke down and ordered Internet to begin service before the end of the year.  I’ve enjoyed the time without (made me realize how connected I’ve been to online things) and think I’ll be more careful to protect that time.

Reasons that spurred me on to saying yes…
1.  Communicating with family and friends.  I’ve been on the phone a lot lately, which is good…but quick notes or pictures aren’t quick when it involves going to the Library (or a hot spot?) and transferring them from a thumb drive.
2.  Managing accounts.  Bill paying online is the way to go (for me), but I don’t want to do it in a public place.
3.  Recipes, maps, and quick information (weather, closings, service times).  Can I just add my phone book, a honking big Des Moines Metro edition has not ONE map in it?  Lame.
4.  Podcasts/music.  I’ve not been updating podcasts, and though the old ones are still good, I’m less likely to listen to them (and in this transition time of finding a church, I appreciate having some solid feeding from the Word).

I suppose this turns into a list of what I really like, love, and appreciate about electronic media.  I hate how easy it is to become distracted by it (youtube, facebook, even blogs…), but hope to learn the finesse of being present daily despite the Internet’s allure.

Hope you get enough of a taste of winter weather to suit you (whether lots or none…).


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