Daily Archives: December 24, 2010

Snow place like a music room.

One semester has concluded.  I am home, the proud sleeper-inner of an impressive 8:27 a.m. time with nowhere to go while we celebrate a familial Christmas.  There is incredible snowfall at the moment (which brings me joy, as we have not had one snowday yet…all of the snow has fallen in true-central Iowa, not southern Iowa where Indianola actually is…but don’t tell them that :)…they’re convinced it’s central Iowa)…so we’ve got some shoveling to look forward to before venturing out to a Christmas Eve service (whether Mass or Cornerstone, I am not sure yet).

Lately I’ve been a little morose about church searching.  My drive back to Ames yesterday included driving past Cornerstone, and when I think of the beautiful spot I was in last year at this time (driving through Ames frequently, being with great people and being fed consistently) I get a little sad.  For some reason community came so quickly for me during my stay in SC/Ames.  It’s more difficult when you live in a small town, I’ve gathered.  Granted, Indianola has 2 grocery stores, a WalMart and 4 (count’em) Casey’s, but it’s small.  Everyone seems to have grown up there and stayed.  I’m sure that’s not wholly true, but it’s hard to break in.  My family probably went through the same thing when we moved to Huxley…except K and I had the advantage of being sort of young, so we fell more into the category of “growing up” there.  I have hope that there’s a church out there waiting for me, but it’s going to take more time and patience to find.

I’ve got to get some energy up for Christmas goodies.  Karen’s been the achiever of the season.  I’m perfectly willing to eat them, but have so far only made fudge…on Tuesday night.

That’s all for now.  The subject line was happily written on the back of a 5th grader’s test (with a picture and a note requesting a copy be made of her test so she could have it back and I could keep the picture…so sweet).  I made a copy and put it on proud display on the bulletin board by my desk.  I think she’s not unlike myself…tying some wit into greetings. 🙂

Merry Christmas!  I hope there are many things that bring you to worship the King this year, but especially in the next few days.