A sure sign that social media has affected me adversly is in the way it has conformed my train of thought into status updates.  I contemplated some really meaningless “updates” for various medium, and I am ashamed even now to admit my self-centeredness extends to blogging.

Perhaps you’ve noticed it…whether by me or by other bloggers/updaters/tweeters/etc.  There’s a bit too much information shared…something intended for a smaller audience exposed to the wider expanse of the Internet for the discretion of other consumers to use or ignore.

As I examine my openness online (and my hope to find that openness somewhat limited), I wonder what about this media lends boldness or confidence, and why that particular confidence extends to such frivolous topics as an oncoming cold, sleeping in late, or other things of little significance.

Don’t misunderstand me…I enjoy keeping up with friends through their status updates (which prompt me to look at their pictures or blogs or other posted links), but the bulk of updates on my facebook newsfeed (just as one example) are comprised of updates from people I barely know.  Which means they see mine.  I could control this by shortening my friend list or by stopping the updates…or both, but that doesn’t really get down to the heart of why and how I started all of that anyway.

There’s a self-importance linked with these updates (and even blog posts…as I’m reading this, I am wondering a bit what point I am trying to make and am finding that I’m aiming for a profound statement about it more than anything else).  The trouble with electronic media is that there isn’t any content editing required to publish stuff.

Perhaps this tendency of mine to over-share and over-publish minute details will shape my blogging in the upcoming year.

As a side note, and a re-share for about the third time, I’m going to point to a link for a scripture memory thing K told me about that I’m going to shoot for.  I need accountability like no other–I fall off horses without it.  Though I’m not hoping that this blog will serve to be a bit of accountability (like Beth Moore in her blog post…), perhaps by making it public (ha…thanks to all six of you who count as my public) that I’m memorizing Philippians I’ll be motivated to keep up that discipline.

I’m assuredly an old woman–I’m tired at 9:00. 🙂  I hope you find encouragement in the Scriptures this week.

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