Daily Archives: January 8, 2011

glee (minus the showchoir)

I made a sponge cake yesterday in my new bundt pan, using a new set of hand mixers.




The texture is SO much better than the one I made by hand a year ago at camp, and the shape is ADORABLE thanks to the pan.  Tragically, the cake broke on its tip out of the pan (perhaps should wait more than the recommended 10 minutes?), but it’s awesome tasting, awesome looking, and goes with tea perfectly.

Another item of glee is going to work for the morning and getting a ton done.  I’m not much of a work-on-the-weekend fan, but I have some flex hours to log before the end of the year (more specifically June 5th).  I spent 4 action packed hours basically getting my third grade unit set up for the next umpteen weeks.  YES.

Another delight is a new bottle of honey.  Get this:  it comes out of the bottle (it’s stored on its cap).  I’m pumped.

The quiet apartment is more enjoyable today than it has been.  My week consisted of getting home and basically camping out on the couch (sometimes later than others because cooking dinner took so long), so I wasn’t looking forward to this one without plans, but I’m taking encouragement where I can get it.  I am 5 chapters into Persuasion (I’m not sure that I’ve ever read it before; in fact, I’m thinking I haven’t), thanks to some reading out loud and some listening to a recording from librivox on iTunes (my voice was tired).  I came to the realization yesterday (while video chattin’ with my seestah) that it’s been 2 months of living in ‘nola.  I wish I could say those 2 months included enough church visiting to start making a decision, but I’ve only been to two (and back to Ames for the bulk of those weekends, considering the holidays and some festival/workshop stuff fell in between then and now).

P&P, A&E version.  Enough said.

Peace to you, and if it actually snows in southern Iowa (pretty sure it doesn’t…we keep getting dustings), perhaps I’ll experience some white wonderment to top off a gleeful weekend. 🙂