Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

it’s a [plastic w]rap

I am making vegetable beef soup in celebration of my first ever snowday in my paid teaching career.  I had snowdays last year, I had them student teaching, I even had them in college…they aren’t the new concept.  Back to the soup; I’m testing out the crock pot I borrowed from home (thanks!) that dates back to ’82–making sure it doesn’t burn up the apartment or fail to cook.  This crock pot was not used much, as our family’s other crock pot was preferred.   I put in some frozen hamburger for the soup (it’s my only beef…at least its 93/7) and was surprised, an hour later, to find the beef in its perfect round shape.

I should interrupt myself to let you know that the beef is from one of those 10 pound logs that you get at Fareway for a sale price, cut into ten 1-pound (ish) units.  I had forgotten that we kept the plastic casing on that section of log when we put them into freezer bags.

Fortunately, not much cooking had happened in an hour, but I was able to retrieve the plastic wrap (not overly hot).  It smells a bit like beef in here now, so that’s fun.


Snow days are fun days; I hope to enjoy it.  Amazing how short the week becomes when you have a Tuesday off.  Cheers to that!

Now to do something with all the podcasts I downloaded…