Daily Archives: January 13, 2011

memo this

I got a call from work today asking if I knew that snow days simply displace the cycle-day to the next day.  That was a definite no, which meant that I wasn’t at school early on the day I was supposed to be there early.  Isn’t a painful (well, not that painful, but I felt bad) mistake the best teacher?  I won’t make that mistake again…and I’m writing it here just in case I do!  Another negative side effect is my lesson plan book needs to be re-numbered again.  I guess there’s no advantage to figuring out which cycle day March 30th is until planning for that day.  I bring this up because this is the third time I’ve renumbered this semester.  I’m just erasing nowadays…filling numbers in later.  The paper is of decent quality, but you can only rub so much away before it gets wrinkly and untidy.

I made potato bread yesterday that really turned out.  If it wasn’t so involved (messy…stages…dishes), I’d make it more often.  Delightful.  I had the great pleasure of sharing it with someone, too.  I can’t eat a whole loaf alone before it goes stale/moldy, so dividing the glob of dough into two globs loaves is a good strategy.

Unfortunately in my haste to get to school I didn’t bother to cut the remainder of the loaf of bread I kept for myself…so I ate it with my lunch.  All gone…something else for dinner!

Peace to you,