Daily Archives: January 15, 2011

Everyone, around the world

I went to a workshop today entitled: No Child Left on His or Her Behind. It was a dance workshop, meant to enhance music education practices (with the incorporation of more dancing). I really enjoyed it.

I hadn’t ever really danced before last year when I started going ballroom dancing and taking Zumba at about the same time (so it’s been a year). There aren’t really venues for dancing that I’m aware of here (undoubtedly there are some classes that are advertised as “singles or couples welcome”, but are they really?)…and I’d hate to go if not among friends.

What encouraged me about the dances we learned today was that they weren’t strictly “girly”, which is kind of the reaction I’ve gotten for movement activities I’ve taken from some of the curriculum choices at my school. We did a couple really cool line dances (one was South African), some stick dancing from North India (they apparently did it to disco in the 70s, so we did one to the song that contains the subject as lyrics), a Chinese rock, paper, scissors game, and a surprisingly fun West African improvisation game. There was a circle dance we did to a Flemish trio’s popular hit (it’s called T’ Smitia or something like that, meaning the blacksmith) that was so fun I wanted to teach friends so we could dance it. I even had fun in the Virginia Reel.

Wouldn’t it be neat if dancing made a comeback in all communities? Even small, south-central Iowan towns? I’d be a fan.