Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

I’ve Got a Bone To Pick

Call me a food critic, I’m writing between mouthfuls of my dinner.

The menu:  “easy” salmon chowder (adapted from a made-for-convenience recipe that called for some things I don’t have)

Whoa.  I bought salmon in a can a while ago anticipating this meal. I remember being heartily impressed with myself for buying the Great Value brand at WalMart because the economy was so much better than the name brands.  Was I ever shocked to discover, upon opening of the can, 2 hunks of salmon, with skin.  As I went to “flake” as the recipe called for, I discovered every. single. bone. still embedded in the fish.  When I worked on the bigger hunk, it had a back bone.

Tragically, having a bit of a fish-bone phobia (love you, Karen), I think I ended up with more waste than I ought to have with a can of fish.  The ordeal prompted me to “google” it, where I found out a lot of canned salmon has skin and bones.  Some do not.  I’ll buy that kind if ever again.

Apart from the bone-induced nausea, upon cooking and tasting, it’s not a bad flavored soup.  I have to keep telling myself I’m not choking on bones that escaped my narrow inspection, but I think I’ll make it.

So, lesson learned:  take great care in selecting canned salmon.