Daily Archives: January 20, 2011

stuff and things

I took nyquil last night for the first time.  Pretty sure I didn’t sleep any better (I’ve got a cold and its accompanying sleep interruptions), so my hope is that regardless of taking medicine or not tonight I’ll be able to collapse into much needed sleep.

Google moved its “reader” link in gmail and replaced with “photos”.  Punks.  That is was one of my favorite links.

I’m going to a bible study.  I’ve been waiting since sometime in Nov/early Dec for this.

I sang a song called “Father Grumble” today (it’s about an old guy who complains that he does more work than his wife…and they switch for a day before he concludes that his wife does in one day what he can do in seven).  I had a captive audience.  Captive audiences win teacher’s hearts, just saying.

Some of my older students actually took what they learned about the keyboard and did it at home, and then told me about it.  Can you say v-i-c-t-o-r-y? I’m happy to report it took place among piano students and non-piano students.

I regrettably forgot the main idea of this subject line and post, but I’ll save it in the event of remembering and editing later.  peace!