to do list

I’ve become aware of a dependence on to do lists for optimum prioritizing. So, when graced with another early out afternoon, I decided to accomplish the most by making a list on my most favored medium, a post it note. Notice that tea topped the list (each tally is for cups so far…the list is about three hours old). Happily I report progress…though I was 8 chapters into Persuasion when I put it down last, today I’ve successfully managed to re-read those and am 50 pages from the end in chapter 22 or 23. It’s a nice story. Anne of Green Gables and Radical are also half-read from earlier reading endeavors, so there’s less to do there than it looks like.

I also brought home some new CDs I purchased for school (CDs which were available at the previously mentioned dance workshop) so I might spend some time doing a stick dance from India, the Hora, and a dance called Sasha which may be Russian or German…the compiler wasn’t sure.

The conditions are whiteout here in town; I can only imagine out of town to be worse. I live across a parking lot from the school district’s bus lot, and I can barely make them out from here, when I look closely it’s clear that they are still buses and still there, but it’s amazing what a bit of wind and snow combined do to vision.

Perhaps I blog too often…but if nothing else, I really enjoy going back and reading older posts of mine for the sake of reminiscing, which encourages me to be more recent. Pictures are fun to look at, too. Even if a lame-o scanned post it (which is less lame because I figured out how to scan with my printer that only barely tolerates Vista). I hope that the winter weather doesn’t make your travel perilous, and that you can read a cozy book like I am today. Peace!


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