an endorsement

My endorsements aren’t necessarily worth much in the grand scheme…I’m not that well-read, I don’t have a prominent think-tank mind (that I or anyone else is so far aware of), but I finished reading David Platt’s Radical today and think you ought to as well.

The subtitle is “Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream”. for more information.

Like a lot of missional-living literature, it includes stories of people who took Christ’s commands seriously and patterned their life after him. It also includes words aimed at the hearts of “the rest” of us and our willingness to allow materialism to be the dominating theme of our faith.

In another note altogether, there are high school athletes entering the school’s athletic wing, presumably for practice or working out. I’m all for making the best use of a snowday, but is that really ok?

One more note, there’s a big truck-like snow blower (belonging to the school) clearing a walk that was way drifted over, and despite its size and might, it can’t clear the walk on the first pass. Crazy.

I hope that you’re enjoying coffee wherever you are. I intend to do some more of that (and good news–I have someone with which to share cupcakes today!).  Peace 🙂

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