Happy February 12th

Okay, it’s not technically a holiday. But on this day in 2000 I went to my first semi-formal. I wore a dress I was convinced was beautiful…which matched K’s dress that we’d picked up the same day at Sears. We’d been at a Mathcounts competition in the morning, and I recall drawing the dress on a piece of paper in the back seat of our coach’s car. I even remember the awful black sandals. I danced with a boy for the first time (and with 3 total, perhaps) to the late 90s slow song hits…junior high school dances are pretty bad my friends.

February 12, 2002 was the day we put our dog Heidi down. That’s not such a good memory, either. The night before I’d been at a speech contest (individual) where I read a prose piece I’d written as an English paper about my family as the Presidential family…from the perspective of Heidi. I won a little medal for being outstanding (it was a local contest and didn’t do anything to qualify me for state, but I later did that at districts). She was a husky mix. It’s hard to believe 9 years have passed already.

So far today has been unmemorable. I decided to stay in Indianola this weekend because I’d been sick earlier this week (and ended up with several time-slots filled with Indianola-ites, to my relief and delight) and excepting a run/walk outside (it’s 40 something degrees here) on the bike trail near my apartment, I’ve been lazy and in favor of remaining that way. February 12th is pretty close to February 14th, and while I know there’s a lot of hype and fervor about being in a relationship or being single on this holiday, that’s not really aching my heart this year. As much as I am loving parts of this new life arrangement, I am missing friends in Ames. My uninvolvement in a church (still looking) has led me to be largely unconnected, except for a Bible Study I’ve been part of for about 4 weeks now. This unconnection is so unhealthy…I feel more insignificant than not in this place that I’ve been put in. It’s a selfish outlook, but it’s my ache. I hear about things going on at Cornerstone, in my old connection group, and I’m so ready to be part of that again.

For a bit of comic relief, I put my iPod on shuffle songs and the cutest accordion song just came on. It sounds Italian. Now there’s drunken-type singing in the background. Isn’t music great?

Hopefully you can find some reason to be outside today. It’s even sunny. How about that for February 12th?

Peace to you,


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