To Long For Long

I am a coffee-fiend. I love the stuff and drink it often, write about it almost as often, and find most of its forms to be delightful (excepting the flavored roasts…those are nasty). My morning is my peak coffee time, and it accompanies an hour or so of reading, praying, and thinking as naturally as my favorite spot on the couch.

But something happened. I haven’t had coffee like normal in a week. Somewhere between getting sick and now I haven’t been in the mood for it. Now I’m feeling 100% again (finally), so I’m hoping tomorrow is the morning.

Of course, I think that I could probably jump-start my coffee drinking comeback with some coffee-house coffee. And so I propose to you, entrepreneur, build a chain coffee shop in Indianola. I’m all for small business, but ours here has grown too comfortable…their hours cater to few (closing at 5 p.m.?), their prices are high, and their coffee is subpar. Going to a gas station is about equivalent for me (I’m not in favor of that). Maybe I’m particular…:)

Happy Tuesday evening, and laundry done! 😀


***next day edit***

I had 2 cups of coffee. The type/brand/batch of coffee is definitely the problem. Glad to be back in the coffee swing, but I’ll be more glad when this bag is gone!

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