I just spent half an hour reading some articles from a webzine my sister sent me. Maybe it’s more like 45 minutes…I didn’t look at the clock when I started, but figure there is some space in between when I came home from Perspectives and when I actually got on (after hearing about my roommate’s awesome FFA team adventures today and starting the dishwasher). These articles challenged me a bit. I’m going to remain vague (K, you probably know the types of boldness I am referring to) here, so sorry to disappoint, but the writers commended boldness in addition to that in sharing the gospel. Interesting…perhaps to be taken with a grain of salt (however many verses were cited in the articles). So, if you are so inclined, pray that I would consider such boldness with Godly wisdom and not folly.

I went to a church in DSM again this past weekend and afterward spent time at Starbucks (or St. Arbucks as our Perspectives instructor called it…ha ha), Jordan Creek, and Target. I got some great deals in the clearance aisles and also found a pair of trousers (perfect trousers) that are only imperfect in that they are about 1/2″ too long with heels on. That’s significant enough that I would ruin the pants if I wore them one day without hemming, so I’m either stuck getting skilled in hemming fast or finding a tailor that isn’t too expensive. We’ll see.

This past weekend I spent time at the show choir/jazz band festival Indianola hosted. Working in a secondary music environment was awesome. It brought me back to some of the roots a certain professor may have stamped out of me (unintentionally, I’m sure…at least I hope). Band is back on my horizon, especially as I picked up my clarinet last week and today and found that love came out when I played…I love the sound, I love the feeling of playing. Now I just need to be confident in practicing at home. Maybe that’s another reason to move to a rental house…though my operatic neighbor practices at all hours of the day, something tells me the clarinet would be just enough to bug some peeps. The practice rooms at school don’t fit my schedule; if I get there early, band and orchestra rehearsals are happening. If I stay late…I don’t really feel like staying much later than 4. Perhaps I’m uncharacteristically selfish of my time after 4, but I consider it to be my “living” portion of the week…not that school isn’t, but I don’t have the full freedom of determining how and where to spend my time in school hours. Sacrifice may need to be made here. We’ll see.

I’m craving dance again. Bother…there was dancing at Lake Robbins, but it would have been impractical to leave here at 8:30pm and try to find it for the first time only to turn around and go home again. Zumba classes cost the price of membership at the Y (too much considering the distance would limit my trips to the facility). I teach dance to my kiddos…but sometimes I am just the teacher/spectator because the number of students works out perfectly. I will not lament…but I will keep looking for an opportunity to dance. It is such a feel-good thing, you know? If you don’t know, perhaps you haven’t tried it lately. Do it (and then tell me where I can too).

I need to get back to the point of blogging where there is something witty to share. Or a lesson learned. Something of substance and interest to more than the one party who is best-informed that reads this. So, perhaps until then…adieu. Peace!

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