laundering and blog lint

In high school Government class, my sister, a classmate, and I made a video demonstrating the proper usage of the Miranda rights. I believe I was the “police” figure, having to wear black and read those puppies for the camera. Our heinous crime of evil to the 10th power? Money Laundering. We took fake money (might have even just been green paper rectangles), and video-taped (yes, using a honkin’ big recorder) Karen stuffing it into a dryer.

I thought of that today at bus duty when I overheard talk of an assigned Spanish Video (from a high schooler’s parent).

When I went to do my own laundry today, I totally thought of the absurdity. We had no idea what money laundering was, but we knew that it was a play on words to actually put that stuff in the laundry. I imagined my apartment neighbors walking into the laundry room to find me pulling pretend money out of the dryer. Luckily, I wasn’t actually doing that and no one walked in (one of my great fears is that someone will walk in to do laundry when I am switching my laundry, whites especially, to the dryer). Whew.

I went to the Chinese restaurant in town last night. My meal was good–the first time I’ve ever ordered something labeled “hot and spicy” from a menu. It about matched my palate’s tolerance level, so I was in good shape eating it.

This post is almost not worth publishing for its lack of insight and depth, but I will conclude with a heavy endorsement for John Piper’s Desiring God. Karen lent it to me, and in an introduction, a preface, and a chapter (plus some of the next) he has already articulated some of the thoughts I’ve been formulating about joy in the Lord. I’m thankful to read it from a respected theologian…not that his history as a Biblical teacher makes him infaliable, but this book has remained in publication for longer than I’ve been alive…which is saying something. I hope to get some more time to sit down with it…evenings have been full lately!

So consider this post as a lint trap that has caught bits of cognition from my sleepy mind. And have a great start to your weekend!


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