Daily Archives: March 5, 2011

party. fiesta. and other spanish.

I drove back to Ames again this weekend to get a car fix (under warranty) which required the use of a rental car. They gave me a Fiesta. It’s a small car, probably fuel efficient-like (think Geo Metro with a 2010 spin). It also has a buzzy engine that sounds like a manual transmission car. I had fun with that because it sounded so funny compared to the quiet Mariner I usually drive.

It was great to be able to spend time at a co-birthday party for two friends in Ames last night. I really crave the large group gatherings that were frequent when I was living in the area. The setting (Hickory Park and Perfect Games) didn’t lend itself well to talking (bummer), but I was able to prove my worth in Wii bowling is much higher than that in the real deal.

When I was driving north yesterday I realized the sticker telling me when to change my oil advertises a car wash for the dealer. I have a feeling someone printed those without editing. I’ll upload a picture eventually, but until then, be amused (as I was) with this sure-fire advertisement.

20$ car warsh

Haha…I double checked it this morning when I got back in the car to see if someone with any sort of an editing mind noticed it while it was at the dealer’s, and it remained that way. Awesome.

I’ve been teaching some songs with Spanish in them to my students. My favorite is a version of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes we learned in either 9th or 10th (I want to say it was with Mrs. Allison in 10th grade) grade to practice body part vocab. They ate it up. I kind of want to be more informed about other languages so I can teach music with accurate pronunciations and translations. I noticed a sign on a door for “Chinese Class” next to the restaurant I went to, so maybe I’ll look into that. I can’t say that I’ve ever really had a desire to learn Chinese, of course, but I know it’s taught by the Chinese family that owns the store. Very cool.

Target had a journal on clearance that I’d nearly bought full price. It’s not really a journal; it’s a sort-of fancier composition notebook (the paper is kind of manila). It’s the right size and the right price–less than a smaller version of the same thing I bought in January for something else.

The whole point of this entry was to share the Car Warsh…so with that being shared I am going to sign off and enjoy some more totally chill weekend. I love this kind of weekend. So good. 1 more week till spring break!