I signed up to make sweet somethings for Perspectives tomorrow. I left Ames early so I could clean and bake.

I put off baking.

Finally at about 4 or 4:30 I found a recipe in my book for some awesome nutty bars from a friend who found the recipe on a coffeeshop wall.

I started making them, rejoicing that they required no butter. Until I realized that because it’s a public function, peanut butter is probably taboo.

So I have a pan of nutty bars for myself and a batch of cookie dough in the fridge chilling until I bake it later tonight or tomorrow in the morning. Awesome.

I did laundry today when I got home–sheets and jeans (separately). Let me make this fine public service announcement: If you buy RE (room essentials) sheets on clearance at Target, do not hesitate to take them out of the package and inspect them for SPLICING. I did just that, waiting until today (4 months later?) to open the cute little fabric package only to discover the huge ugly serged splice right up the vertical middle of the sheet. I was none-too-pleased to make this discovery. Unfortunately I threw away the cardboard wrap with the UPC and price back when I bought them and stashed them in the closet (because it was flannel season then). So there’s no taking back. The bottom sheet is fine (and a lovely shade of purple), so I might have to find some other uses for the top sheet if they are unbearable to sleep in. Sadly I have to plan so that guests will never have to put up with this set. That will take some brain power and prior notice.

End of public service announcement. Commencement of kitchen clean up, round 2 for today. It was one of those messy kitchen days. Enjoy a cookie!


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