Daily Archives: March 8, 2011


I have to remember that it’s March. The other day I was totally thinking, “wow, this is pretty good for February” (probably having to do with weather). We had 2 full snowdays and a couple early outs this winter, but with only 13 days left of official winter, I think we’re nearly safe at not having more. What is frustrating, and perhaps more affecting than the winter blues experienced by so many is that it looks about right for spring (I looked out my window and vividly recalled many a tennis practice/meet/day from high school) it’s barely breaking freezing and mixed precipitation is falling from the low-ceiling clouds we’ve had for days.

I’m not lamenting Iowan weather because it’s not gorgeous right now. That’s petty (and useless). I am anxious for the spring days to get here so I can put my running shoes on, discover some of the outdoor things to do around here.

I got a lot of compliments on my newly cut hair yesterday at school. One of my favorites was from a preschooler that doesn’t even know my name (I don’t have preschool students in music). She waits for a bus at my bus duty door every day. She was very cute–“Did you get your hair cut tonight?” (it was 3:00). “No, on Saturday.” “THAT was the night before last night.”  “Yes it was” :).

I brought milk to school to add to tea. It’s better than tea without milk, but what I really want is coffee at school. Not all day; not just in the morning. There is coffee in the lounge. I haven’t been brave enough to try it. Maybe my coffee snobbery is too much, but even if I weren’t opposed to metal-can-coffee, I’m not sure when the pot and filter basket were last cleaned, and I’m not into vintage flavor.

My Perspectives cookies went over well. That was a relief. They looked terrible (as usual for my chocolate chip cookies)…kind of dark and greasy looking, but the size was uniform (AWESOME) and a guy at my table took 2 or 3 and remarked to his wife while the speaker was talking that they were good. Little did he know my very baking ego was sitting just across the table. Rest assured, my puffed-up-ness is short lived. Until I have a no-fail chocolate chip cookie recipe that doesn’t yield greasy cookies, I am not going to put my gold star on that variety. I’m partial to my sugar cookies and shortbread though…so no guarantees there.

It’s basically time to pack up my lunch and get over to school. It’s a Day 1.  A long day, but surprisingly one of my favorites to teach; perhaps because there isn’t a lot of preptime spread out throughout the day…so the preptime I do have isn’t interrupted. It also requires some strategic planning; I set out the things for the first class knowing that I don’t have any time to rearrange for the next class. It’s more fun than it sounds, and I’m being genuine here. Sometimes it’s stressful (just depends on which succession of classes it is and what they are up to in music).

Have a great day!!