Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

Get up offa that quiche

I made a quiche for dinner last night, and it was incredible. For one thing, the pie crust dough was too wet. I cut the normal recipe (from my excellent friend H) in half, but dumped in water without remembering to take it slow with less flour/shortening stuff. Oops. I have gleaned, in my experience as the daughter and sister of engineers, that you can transfer heat from a hot thing to your hands (or hair, in the straightening/curling realm) to cool it down…the same principle works for dough that is too wet. So I played with it in my hands a bit and got some of the moisture out before putting it in the fridge to chill while I finished the filling. The result of wetter crust dough (totally just typed “doe”) was a stretchier, more pliable and easy to work material. Lovely! The best part–it didn’t stick to the towel at all. That is a good balance, my friends.

The filling for the quiche was potato, asparagus, bacon, onion, and of course…eggs. Eggs are on sale at fareway this week, so I am definitely planning on one more batch of them before the ad runs out. I made a ham, cheese, and potato quiche for my connection group last fall and didn’t try it (I’m not the world’s biggest connoisseur ((that’s a hard word to spell, by the way)) of ham), and I have to say, a potato will forever grace my quiche from now on.

The last, and possibly best part, is that it cooked in the prescribed time at the prescribed temperature without burning or being soupy. I got a new and fancy pie plate (a metal one) for Christmas that is the total key to success with quiche. Thank you, friend!–it’s the best pie plate ever (deep enough to hold everything, but unlike glass it actually cooks all the way through)!!

I was supervising the end of the day departure at school yesterday when a student told me I look much better with my haircut. Uh, thank you? I had the student repeat it because I thought I heard it wrong…nope. The student was young enough that I can appreciate it as a sincere compliment…but that type of raw honesty is brutal. Oh well. I am kind of in agreement…though another student told me on Monday that I look like their mom with my haircut. I haven’t seen the mom, but that my hair would add that many years to my appearance (because moms and dads, besides my own!, seem oooold to kiddos)…it’s a weighty thing. Let’s hope the gray stays at bay for a few more years.

I was reading Acts 3 yesterday and noticed something cool (with a little help from my ESV Study Bible friends, er, authors).  When Peter and John heal the lame beggar, it is by their faith, not the lame beggar’s faith that he is healed. And, their actions are followed up with an explanation that includes the gospel message. It’s a beautiful example of the complementary use of deeds and words. Not all puffed up with knowledge (1 Cor 8), but not absent of the description. In verse 12 Peter addresses the people who are witnessing this healing’s result (the lame man leaping around)…why are you standing there wondering? Do you think it’s by our power or piety? Then he goes into how it actually happened! Sweet!

I should pack up a piece of quiche for lunch and head out to work. It’s another gray day in Iowa (drat, the ceiling lifted enough that I thought it would be sunny, but we’ll have to wait), but spring break is on the horizon!!

Tomorrow marks 2 years from the day that I set off for England. Time goes by so fast, and yet so much has filled that time!

Peace 🙂