Daily Archives: March 11, 2011


Spring break is already 1 hour and 5 minutes in. Lovely, right? And I have already gone for a run (perfect weather, though a bit breezy…at least I’ll use that excuse for being winded…heh heh) and dreamt up a plan to be a knitting machine this break.

Tonight I have the help of a Bones Episode and Biggest Loser (all via hulu) for my busy-hands idle eyes pleasure.

I wasn’t looking forward to spring break much last night, as my plans are none too solid and I was a bit down, but I’ve got renewed hope and vigor for a successful week. That and my roommate TOTALLY blessed me with the sweetest note. I miss the days of college where my fantastic roommate and I would exchange notes with frequency. Those were the days. So not many plans yet (though some are more concrete now, thankfully), but renewed optimism.

I did a xylophone lesson with kindergarten, off the cuff today. It was so fun! They had a shortened class period. Today they just got to hear the xylophone…and then act out its sounds (ascending and descending). So fun. Did I mention it was fun?

Now to plan for dinner, type up a recipe for my seester, and let the festivities begin.

So glad that this day is 50-some degrees instead of 10, like when I left for Cornwall in 2009!!


This is a post where I’d like to say a whole lot but know better.

And so I won’t.


I heard a joke in school today:
Why did the skeleton go to the barbeque?

To get some ribs.

I think I disappointed the teller by guessing correctly. Oops. More funny was when she asked me again (when I had her in class) an hour later. I figured she remembered telling me, so I didn’t even pretend to think about it…she was disappointed.