I finished the first project:

I used Lamb's Pride worsted weight, colorway Prairie Goldenrod,

And my living room smells amazing because a REALLY sweet teacher put some fundraiser daffodils in a vase on my desk after hearing that I went to Cornwall and fell in love with them there (recall that they grow daffodils as a crop in Cornwall!).

They came as buds and opened in the last day or so!

They are perfect. If it weren’t so beautiful outside today, I could very happily stare at them and breathe in their scent.

I love how they stretch to the light.

My coffee cup is empty…I made 2 lattes last night to enjoy while catching up on Bones and the Biggest Loser (while knitting). It was a good plan. Today my traditional 3 cups. I am thinking of visiting a coffee shop because I have the luxury of not having to be anywhere. That’s quite a luxury.

I hope that your spring break (or spring weekend; spring forward, right?) is a lovely one and that you are able to knit, or consume coffee or something of that nature.

Perhaps I’ll update with more knitting progress before the day is up!!




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