Daily Archives: March 17, 2011

House, home, and house blend

I am back from a brief stint in Iowa City where I got to chill with some great peeps (some were not even planned) and take care of errands, and be in the place that I love. I also took part in much coffee (four coffee house cups in all, though one was a privately owned shop across from the campus I visited that was so-so in flavor).

While in town I happened to sit at the old capitol on the famous perch site where I talked with a stranger who really reminded me of House…like the TV show. Except for his chattiness; that wouldn’t be much like House’s character. It was a bit on the “is this really happening?” side of unexpected…I didn’t get much reading done there.

Coming home was a bit odd this evening, as I have never returned from the east before. I took 3 exits to Altoona before getting on the correct one. I forgot to pay attention to the road connected to these exits…when I come from the west, the first exit is correct, but also lists Altoona and Bondurant. The corresponding first exit, labeled Altoona and Bondurrant only leads to 65 North and a road that goes into Altoona…not the right road. I was frustrated and it was dark…but I made it here eventually.

And now to bed I must go. Plenty to do to round out the week (and St. Patty’s day on top of it all!). Peace