Daily Archives: March 21, 2011

Thicker, too good to be true, and productivity

I just put a pan of brownies in the oven which took approximately 1 minute to prepare. Are you kidding me? As I was checking the bake time and temp I noticed that I could choose between “thick”, “thicker”, and “thickest” brownie depth. Evidently the family size box of brownie mix can fit into a 9×9 pan to make a “thicker” brownie. I went for it, hoping to maximize the chewiness. Tragically I realize now that while the favored edge pieces will be thicker, there won’t be as much edge.

I am timing that pan of brownies with my oven timer, but because I am centered in another room (my room), I decided to put my IKEA wind-up timer to the test. I am afraid it’s not going to be a great one…the ring is faint and I’m pretty sure during the test round it continued to tick tick tick past the ringing bell. Now I’m wondering if it’s ticking too fast. Because they were both set for 30 minutes, I am hoping to test the accuracy of the timer…even if it’s close, that’ll be fine.

My evening back at home has been productive. It reminds me of the weekend I moved in here and had everything put away within a  couple days…except this time it was just everything that I used over break (mostly traveling) and it’s put away. That’s a pretty good feeling and will allow me to focus more on school than on housework tomorrow morning as I am getting ready to start the fourth quarter.

I was really blessed to spend time in IC and MPLS this week…fantastic people in both regions, to be sure, and such encouragement for me. I finished up an afghan and was able to give it to its long-intended recipient as well as pick up a few new project ideas for the future…so though I didn’t knit a project a day, it’s been a good knitting break. I also got to experiment with the Broken Rib stitch pattern, with compliments to my friend A–love the fabric very much. Except it resembles Half Double Crochet…so I’m hopeful that any of its recipients will know of my time investment and favor of knitting to crocheting :).

Can I just say that it’s a really good thing that IKEA is as far away as Minneapolis? I know that a lot of the stuff in there is cheap and that it might not last, but wow. Such inspiration, such temptation :). I like to think that I’m picking up some style and taste in decorating with the help of home magazines and catalogs and walking through places like IKEA (without buying everything…just a couple things that will hopefully make my kitchen function even better).

So glad for spring break and excited for the summer around the corner. God is shaping it up to be an exciting one! Have a great week 🙂