the cling wrap caper, coffee pudding, strategic groceries

This week and the next two are going to be tough. I am keeping stress at bay as much as possible, but there is a ton of work to be done at home and at school. My break was fantastic, so I don’t regret a minute of it, but it’s go-time.

It’s funny, but my subject line is out of order. I’ll start with grocery shopping’s strategy. When I go to the store right after work, I am alongside many other people with the same idea. It slows down my shopping and is most noticeable at the checkout line (if you are ever curious who in a store is going to write a check, rest assured that I will find that line and wait in it…without fail). So today I decided, though needing some milk and produce, to go straight home and take a run. When I got back I decided to do some work on my computer with the help of a handy new IKEA egg timer to tell me to go at 6:00 to the grocery store. I did, and it was significantly less busy. I think I have found a new grocery shopping habit, though I need to wait for perspectives to be over to make Monday nights work (guilty of skipping out for the sake of getting grades done).

I took care of dinner (eggs…because I had 28 in my position…now 26) and made the executive decision to use some expiring half and half for a coffee pudding recipe that is AMAZING…at least by its warm, not set remnants in the pan. I made some espresso, boiled the half and half, added a mixture of cornstarch, brown sugar, and salt, and boiled gently for a wee bit. I poured the hot stuff into mugs (cute) and am hoping to push the 3 hour minimum by eating some of it at 10 instead of 11. Hoping also that the caffeine cooked out…not sure that works.

I was supposed to put cling wrap on top of the pudding so that the skim wouldn’t form, but when I opened the drawer yesterday discovered it’s gone. I have no idea where I put it. A bigger search today yielded nothing. It was green, leftover from an oikos reach-out my junior (?) year of college when we baked wretched sugar cookies and made little Philippians 4:6-7 cards for each room on my dorm floor.

Here’s to efficient time management; knitting, school work, house work, correspondence (K, I haven’t forgotten the CD yet!), summer planning (and summer work prep), life decisions.

I hope your first full day of spring was warm and mild like ours!


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