I sought shelter tonight…we had tornado warnings and sirens. That’s crazy. Crazier, only one neighbor from the third floor came down to the second floor…we hadn’t ever talked, so that was cool…but seriously peeps. It’s not like this apartment has a basement, but ground floor is better than third floor (and second).

We’re expecting snow this week, too. Snow is annoying (the cold is annoying), but it’s preferable to severe storms in my eyes.

For as filling and revitalizing as the last week was, this week is full of work. I am feeling behind…and anxious to make it past a couple calendar landmarks (namely April 6)…I mean, I don’t want those days to come any sooner with all I have left to do, but I’m looking to April 7th with anticipation. I tried to get more work done tonight at home, but the weather and a headache zapped me. I was listening to a podcast, or I wouldn’t be on the computer at all.

I ordered 2 free copies of Desiring God today; a really cool thing that their ministry is doing to celebrate the 25th anniversary (and re-release) of the book. I’m a few chapters in a borrowed copy, but think that I’ll try to “read along with John Piper” and follow the weekly videos starting next week. This might be a future Bible Study resource…whether one on one or in a group is yet to be determined.

I’ve heard from several different people that I’m being hard on myself in a couple different areas. I am wrestling with the balance of pursuing greatness (at work, in community, in relationship…especially with God) and the frustration of learning the ropes. Perhaps experience won’t ease the frustration, but it will season me with more wisdom gleaned from friends (and even strangers to some extent) and loved ones who invest in me.

The coffee pudding turned out great. Use half and half. K said hers (with milk) was maybe not so good. The caffeine definitely remained…

Stay cool, or warm or something. Or stay out of Iowa altogether and avoid the confusion of temperature/weather fluctuation.

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