I had just wiped up the puddle that forms when I pour a cup of coffee (this is a new development…it never used to do that) and was arranging the knitted dishcloth when I noticed there’s a hole in it (totally just typed whole…where is my spelling brain these days?).

Accolades will be accepted: I have worn out one of my hand knits. This is a most wonderful feeling. I knitted it for my sophomore year of college dorm room (a lime green one), which means about4.5 years of intermittent use. Probably not as long as a bought, woven dishcloth, but so much more enjoyable.

Busted. Not sure if this was because of a snag in the washing process or the result of being washed, but it's a feat.

Please don’t mind the off-colored picture. Fluorescent lighting didn’t help, and it’s faded. Not to mention, I have used it since yesterday…


Have a great Sunday!

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