tea, pizza, and chance run-ins

Teapot...it matches my mugs.

I decided to make the rounds today…big rounds. Goodwill, the Library, the Flea Market (well, it’s a junk and antique store here), Fareway, and WalMart. I didn’t intend to go crazy and buy stuff but I managed to pick up replacement cling wrap (still puzzled as to where the other stuff went), some entertainment for the evening (movies and books), and this beauty of a teapot. I saw it in December and picked it up but decided not to buy it (though brand new) because it’s a frivolous thing to have a red teapot when you have a perfectly functional modern one made of bone china from your cooperating teachers in England. Except this one is so cute. So today, on discovering it was still there and about half the cost of a similar pot at Cook’s Emporium, I took a chance on it.

check out the mugs that match!

It turns out it was a good chance, and the red is suited to the mugs I got from Karen. Now I’ve got a lot of different themes of decorating going (this is a terrible time of figuring out how I want to decorate and finding what I have to be more practical than replacing everything, and yet trying to find new ways to make what I have work).

While I was on my errands, I ran into Angie, a gal I had talked to at camp this summer, one day after being hired here. It was THE coolest thing ever…she’d given me her number way back when, but I lost it in the move and had forgotten her name. She kind of chased me out of the store and was like: Patty? It turns out her daughter had spotted me in the store about a month ago and I didn’t notice. No worries, but it was SO good to catch up with her, as she and her family are relatively new to the area and she understood some of the struggles of moving to this particular, close-knit and life-long-resident community. I think we might get together soon.

In WalMart I ran into two girls I had at All State Music Camp who went on to major in saxophone at UI. They’re in town for NASA (not the space NASA, but the North American Saxophone Association) at Simpson…it’s a pretty big deal and explains the crazy traffic at Simpson today and the high school tonight. I’m not sure if they were as glad to see them as I was, but it was neat nonetheless.

I got to share the wonderful news of Good Earth Tea with the teapot saleslady. She filled the scoop on fermented foods…I was a little perplexed by the words she was using (something that sounded like Hibachi, but pretty sure she wasn’t talking about a grill)…but she was nice and eager to drink tea instead of coffee (why? her creamer calories were rather inflated…which is why I’m glad for the 10 calorie powdered stuff).

Once at home, I made a homemade pizza using a focaccia bread recipe from All Recipes (and camp!), a can of petite diced tomatoes with garlic and olive oil in it, old (and possibly spoiled) mozzarella from the depths of my fridge, and spices. It turned out pretty good :). I enjoyed it with a Smithwick’s and Precious which was pretty tough to watch. I am glad for the perspective it offered. I take a lot of things for granted. A lot.


I’ve been knitting with some of my cotton and am about to try some tea from that pot…it’s probably oversteeped by now. Oh well!

Tomorrow: Valley Church in West Des Moines. I hear good things, and am thinking it might be time to try the drive. At least their young adult activities happen on Sunday after church (this means fewer trips, right?). We’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to update.

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