There is no such thing…

You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Perhaps that is so (and I can agree that most of my “free” lunches actually cost…maybe not my wallet, but somebody’s money and usually my time or something). But free dinner is another matter. My roommate snagged an extra plate from the FFA banquet she hosted that was AWESOME. Steak. Mashed Potatoes infused with something I can’t describe. A dinner roll, corn, green beans, salad (which got a little soggy overnight, so I picked around it…oops). Yes, I ate free steak tonight. Surprisingly for a meal prepared for ~200 people, the meat wasn’t overcooked…though microwaving it reduced the medium quality of the rareness to almost done, it was still a little pink and had juice.

Maybe I was a little iron deficient…I don’t eat a lot of meat (not avoiding it, just requires planning ahead enough to defrost it), so this exclamation of delight is probably a result of the amendment of that condition… :).

My friends, I am happy to announce my jumping back on the Couch to 5K train. I’m on week 4 (didn’t want to get ahead of myself when I started because I was afraid the weather would sour…it did, so it was a wise move), and though it’s a little too cold to call it most enjoyable, it’s a good feeling to be active again and the lessons learned about pushing past boundaries in my head are coming back to the front of my mind. The most interesting thought-trains come up while I am running along to the cheesy music (sorry Robert from Southern California, your mixes are only inspirational because of your voiceovers…the music is cheesy!). The other day I was reflecting on my detachment to this community while running past a shop I suspect to be a charitable secondhand store and realized that my discontent with lack of community and connection is not out of reach for correcting. I am not giving myself to much outside of my work and my leisure and the occasional school music event. I visited Valley Church the next day, and though I’m not sold on the church (hard to know after 1 service), a similar point was made from a Biblical perspective…and it was the first point. It’s time to do some investigation.

I’m finding some encouragement in living here, too. God has provided a roommate for this summer; this is a big, big, biggie. My current roommate is great, but as she has a home in Ames, she’s only here part-time. I happen to enjoy the prospective roommate as a friend, so that’s exciting. I’m being moved to find contentment in small group (1-on-1 settings, or 2-3 peeps) interactions where large group things are nil. That’s been a gift. The other part of the message (point 2) at Valley involved Jeremiah 29:7…

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.
(Jeremiah 29:7 ESV)

Granted, I’m not in exile officially, but I’ve definitely acted like it…and I haven’t taken this wisdom to heart in my time here. I’m going there now, anxious to see what He does.

My kitchen table looks like last week’s tornado hit it (we had some warnings…), so it’s probably time to sort through the work rubble and the bills rubble…but I hope that your Monday evening is wholly blessed!

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