Daily Archives: March 31, 2011

call me friend

A friend came over tonight. We had dinner and took a walk and later tea with banana bread. I haven’t had a better evening in a while…there’s just something about spending some humble down time with people…especially one on one. She is one of the first people I met here who told me that day to go ahead and call her even if I didn’t end up at her church. She’s a smart one, and I’m honored to call her friend.

James 1 talks about wisdom. I had a discipler once reassure me that when we ask for it, it’s granted. We can make a God-honoring decision trusting that He has given the wisdom we’ve requested in faith. I desire wisdom, believe I am receiving it, and yet because the facts aren’t all “in” am not any closer to feeling decisive about a rather big detail of my life…so the proof of the wisdom granted is in the pudding which hasn’t set yet. Perhaps I really just want time to speed up or for enough patience that I can enjoy the prolonging of the decision to be made. Rash decisions aren’t so fun as good decisions.

Once again the hour is late and I am still up. On April 6th, one week from today, I am almost certainly going to bed immediately after my mentoring class ends at 7 (sometimes early). So don’t wait up for a post ;). I hope you can go on a walk with someone this week. A dog might be a worthy substitute for a person, too…or better yet a person and a dog.

Until next time, good night.