Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

tuna guitar

I’m really hitting up these pun-subjects lately. Apologies if that kind of humor doesn’t do it for you.

I have dinner waiting on the stove. I have officially moved one box of chicken helper: fettucine alfredo two times, and the expiration date (thank you Harlan’s) was February 2010. Pretty sure it’s supposed to keep longer than the couple months I had it before expiration…but as you’ve read before, Harlan’s had some sketch with its class.

I didn’t feel like defrosting a pound of chicken…so I made the Tuna kind. Except the tuna kind probably doesn’t call for cooking the already cooked tuna in melted butter. So I threw in the butter and hoped it’d add some lovely flavor to the low-tuna-content casserole. I’m a sauce>meat person in my casseroles, so I forwent (?) the second can. Being frugal with cheap tuna probably isn’t going to impress you, but I was mildly amused.

Today I played guitar at school, even though I realized I had left my sole school-pick in the hands of a third grader who dubbed it a “chip”. This is probably because we use thin plastic chips in various games and activities. I’d brought one with me originally when I brought my own guitar (he is using his teacher’s guitar, who was kind enough to supplement the effort), but I definitely tucked it away in some kind of pocket during the week. I googled “substitute guitar pick” and ended up on a yahoo answers page that suggested, among other things, a thick paper football. I tried it, and it sounded terrible…very soft mellow sound. Not recommendable (I taped it for stability). After school I tried going to the guitar store in town (which had a weird vibe) to pick up some more as backup. Little did I know they would be overpriced. I suppose I could have guessed, but I bought 3 anyway. A girl needs some back-up picks when at a program, you know?

The guitar went WAY out of tune between my room and the gym. Not sure if it was the temperature or humidity difference (I know my room fluctuates a lot), but it was bad. So bad that the gym teacher, upon picking it up and playing it (well…he’s a “guitar hero” by his own labeling) declared it to be out of tune…by that time it was too late to fix it until after the first rehearsing group was done. Pain, my friends. Painful out of tune guitar.

There’s always plenty to do at school these days, but I had a bit of a break this afternoon in which I pursued my goal of becoming more proficient at piano. I suppose, being a musician, I should go about it in a more systematic and progressive manner, but I just worked on some choral pieces we’re doing in 5th grade chorus. I definitely found spots where knowing piano scale fingerings again would have given me an advantage in “sight” reading (I have plodded through these pieces on several occasions already, and yet it is “new” every time…). It was an enjoyable 20 minutes and I followed it with a deep clean of my desk top (yay) and some more practice after the last class of the day.

I heard a lot of April Fool’s jokes today. One teacher’s was particularly clever. Most students said there was a spider on me or behind me or above me. Some of them took April fooling a bit too far and made jokes that, despite their teller’s innocence and intent, were not funny (violent). Holidays in an elementary school are celebrated pretty enthusiastically, I conclude.

This weekend marks the reunion of myself and my clarinet professor. She’s playing in a recital here tomorrow…not sure if we’ll get a chance to talk, but it’s been an interesting moment to anticipate. It’s been more than 2 years.

The tuna casserole is fab. Forget about Tuna Helper, just throw some tuna in Chicken Helper. The sauce is way better. Or my use of butter (because I don’t have sticks of margarine temporarily) helped it a lot. Either way, enjoy your Friday and weekend.