Daily Archives: April 2, 2011

plus three

Today is a particularly warm day, which is not unusual for April, but out of character for recent low temps we’ve had. It’s also prom night in Indianola (I’m hoping that doesn’t happen at the high school, but I wouldn’t be surprised…we’ll see how well I can sleep tonight).

Today was a blast from the past, among other things. Simpson hosted Iowa Clarinet Day and my clarinet professor was among the visitors playing on a Potpourri Recital. I think I’ve only seen her briefly since giving my senior recital (at a studio dinner the following weekend), so I wasn’t really sure how it would go. It’s amazing how much life has been jammed into the two years and 3 months since then. I am a completely different person, in some respects. Anyway, it was a really encouraging time in which she affirmed my work at Iowa, as a clarinetist and a human being. She is proud of my job as a music educator. And she took my suggestion to try the world’s greatest cinnamon roll…buying the last six from the deli. I think I’ll see her again in May at the IBA conference…though I am not crazy about downtown Des Moines after hours, I’m excited to see the Symphony Band perform, as well as be among the IBA crowd. Next year I’m definitely going to join the organization…general music position or not, it’s the IBA that supported much of my music ed career dreams. But to bring it back to the “main idea”, it was good to see her, and relive the ol’ days a bit in watching her interactions with other people.

Because it was (it’s overcast now, unfortunately) sunny and gorgeous today, I decided to definitely hit up the bike trail on foot and ran another installment of couch to 5k…normally I get to the bike path in such a round-about way that I don’t go very far on the path to Carlisle before I pretty much have to turn around (or my 5 minute cool down turns into a half-hour cool down, which isn’t so bad, but after work it takes too long to go that far). I was huffing and puffing, to be honest, but I added another 3 minute run to the end of the prescribed runs. I would have gone for the last 5 minute stretch, but thought my dehydration might kill me, and as I was out of town by that point, I thought better of dying outside city limits. 🙂 Who knows who’d find me there…I took about a half hour cool down walk home anyway and listened to a Piper sermon from 1998. It’s a classic, fo sho.

Now the big question is how to spend my Saturday night? I feel like tonight would be a great night to be social…to go out and be with people. If it were a city of much consequence, I’d do that happily. Pretty sure my options are hanging out with locals at the 3 or so bars or the Mexican Restaurant in town (it has a bar too, of course)…no thanks. There is not-a-much to do here…bah. There’s always work and taxes. And some reading :).

I hope that you have a lovely April 2nd! Peace to you 🙂