Daily Archives: April 3, 2011

hot stuff

I’ve heard from several sources that Facebook is a medium where we put our best selves forward. Eh, believable, I thought before moving on with my life and checking the latest updated photos and stati.

But then I caught myself in the act of making things seem better than they were. Last night I posted a status update that was partially true and partially not…what I was cooking and how it was topping off a great day. I justified clicking “ok” because the day had some great elements (the temperature, the sunshine, some conversations, some rest, a run, reading), but I wasn’t feeling like it was a great day. I deleted the post about 1 minute later, disappointed with my attempts at painting things in a rosier hue. I suppose there’s value to not hanging the dirty laundry out for everyone to see, but no sense pretending I don’t have any. I have dirty laundry, folks.

Today is really warm, unseasonably so. 86 degrees according to the high school’s welcome sign. I went off for my run in long pants and two t-shirts. Big mistake. I made my way over to the track, which is black, and ran around in the direct sunlight rueing the two-shirt, long-pants outfit choice. I ended up taking one shirt off and putting it by a hurdle (hoping it wouldn’t blow away or be forgotten, as it’s one of my favorite knock arounds) and continued. Because I went a little farther and longer yesterday and didn’t give myself the customary day of rest in between (thinking ahead to Thursday or Friday, which is the next opportunity to run, today was very, very hard. My hips were more tired than any other part of me…which is weird. I don’t recall feeling like this ever before.

I visited Valley again today. I like the idea of the life groups which break out and dive further into the message, but I’m just not sure. I’m wondering if this church is just too big and posh…not that the people aren’t as nice as can be, but compared to Indianola and the people I interact with daily, there’s disconnect. Bleh. I hate this discernment process. Haven’t I been patient enough for the most ideal church to come along and be within walking distance? 🙂 On a brighter note, the same gal who saw me in the parking lot of Fareway last week (and met at camp last summer) CALLED me and invited me to a Bible Study at her home–she’d found my phone number in a cupboard she was cleaning out…if that’s not a God-orchestrated thing, I don’t know what else to call it. Now, I’m part of a Bible Study already, but this one is in a fixed location (no commute to WDM) and will be going from a book. I’m going to see if I can do both (every other week, unfortunately, and Tuesdays are concert days, so I’ll miss at least two of the biweekly meetings in the next month). I’m pumped to meet some God-centered families in this place. Maybe I’ll get some church ideas among them.

This is a really big week for me. Lots of after school stuff, lots of last minute solutions to homework-ish problems I’ve known about for a while. Oops. I’m praying for details to come together well. I feel kind of bad complaining about some of these burdens to the people in my nearest circles here because they seem like they’re a lot more pinched for time and energy because they’re more committed than I am (especially in their churches). So consider yourself my supportive shoulder and receptive backboard…

Speaking of tennis, who’s going to come here and play with me? Indianola has a LARGE abundance of courts, thanks to Simpson College and the Middle School. I’m itching to play!


Peace to you,