I have been done with my program for an hour and fifteen minutes. Let me clarify…the 3rd and 4th grade program…of which I directed. Now that 2 high-hype days are done, the air is whooshing out like a balloon. Crazy.

I’m really really excited that my bike is about 15 minutes of tinkering away from ride-ability. It’s the same old bike (did I mention I was looking for a new one?), and should be fine after a tune up. I hope that I’m in some sort of riding shape 🙂 ). A big thanks to my dad for helping me out with that!

The well-timed visit of a very sweet friend who gave me flowers for my program was so appreciated tonight. I got some news afterword that set me back a bit (not bad news, just a surprise that fits the deflated subject just as much as the letdown of 2 performances in 2 nights being done). We had tea together with that lovely pot, and it was divine. I am thankful to the small start God has given me here in social things like friends. It’s a rich start, to be sure.

I’m fairly sleep-deprived after some tossing/turning nights, so I’m going to pull the plug here and head towards bed. Hug a music teacher today 🙂

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