Daily Archives: April 11, 2011

fresh air

Looking back on the weekend, it really redeemed itself. I think in my alone time, much of that spent outside and occupied with enjoying some downtime, I was able to process some things. Do I have answers? Nah. But my heart is more at rest as I have presented these things to the Lord and talked through them a bit with Him.

I cannot describe to you the quality of the air. Both days of the weekend were hot and humid. This afternoon it got to 78 in my apartment, and though my neighbors definitely resorted to the a/c (weenies…it’s April!), I toughed it out until about 4:30 or 5 when I realized the temp had dropped to a delightful, breezy cool temp. The windows have been reopened and my apartment is fresh. Add to that some air drying laundry I have around on chairs and towel racks and it’s heavenly. Especially because I am using a new fabric softener that smells great. That’s the key to good smelling people, friends. Good smelling liquid fabric softener. It stays with the clothes longer than the bounce sheets or the detergent ever do.

After dinner I strapped on my Tevas and headed to Walgreens to use some of the coupons I unearthed while organizing my coupon envelope. I have kind of an envelope system now (I sewed a cloth envelope by hand in England which fits the paper envelopes perfectly…these act as folders). I figure it’s not as stable as one of those poly-folder coupon folders, but it’s a lot cheaper (perhaps 6 cents worth of envelopes plus the time it took to sew the free-to-me-fabric) and quite suitable. I ended up with Dove Chocolate for $1.50 a bag. Dove is an indulgence, but for that kind of price, I can deal. I sniffed some Glade candles which would have been the same price (these go for nearly $3 full price at Target, unless they go on sale for $2.50 with a gift card promo), but decided to hold off until their later shipment on Thursday. I might like the new spring scents better. Do I really need more candles? Probably not. K was wise in asking me that. But for that price, I can keep them around for gifts…so act surprised if you get one, and mind not the knowledge of their cost! Celebrate my thrift with me! 🙂

I saw a runner tonight. I am not a runner. Dang. Thought perhaps I was getting to that point because I enjoy going on these little runs (went on another one today, didn’t suffer like last week, but was wearing shorts and sleeveless tee with sunscreen!), but in his dam-to-dam shirt (I know this because my camp roommate last summer ran it and got the same shirt), he was practically gliding along. It looked so effortless. When I run, I can only imagine it looking like pain. It is pain, I suppose, but man. I’d like to move like that. Help a girl out?

I’d better gather said laundry so as not to have a messy start to the week. Sleep well!